Wednesday, 5 September 2012

筑紫餅 (Tsukushi Mochi)

Every place in Japan, no matter how unpopulated, is famous for something. Many places are often famous for the same thing, and each place will assert its the best in Japan. When it comes to omiyage, Fukuoka is known for its hiyoko, mentaiko, and cold fried chicken, among countless other things. My personal favorite omiyage from Fukuoka is 筑紫餅 (Tsukushi Mochi).

Opening it up leads to this:

I think it's cool how each one comes complete with its own little packet of flavor and impaling stick. Anyway, there's three clumps of mochi in there. Dump the juice on it, move it around a little with the stick, then eat. Freaking delicious.

Tsukushi Mochi can easily be purchased in Hakata Station. Keep an eye out for a light purple and yellow box.

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